Saturday, March 16, 2013

What I Did for Spring Break

I can hardly believe spring break is almost over. In a way I am glad (I need another spring break now without the kids home!) because I am a person who loves her schedules, lists, and predictability. Still, overall it was a good week. Hard, but good.

Here is the run down:

We started peeling the living room wallpaper for the redo project I have in mind for this summer. I had the kids help some, but I have much more to do on this. The good news is it looks like Steve will not have to add texture to the wall before painting. The bad news there is still much more to peel. Now I remember why I procrastinated this project for so long.

I tried to do something fun with the kids each day. We hit Bahama Bucks one day, attended a neighborhood potluck picnic for dinner the next. I wanted to take the kids to see the new Oz movie, but they did not want to go; instead we stayed home and did instant watch of the latest Psych episode online (and got pizza for lunch). Then Thursday the girls and I got pedicures.

Camping seems to be a bit of the theme for this week, too. Most of you know I am a four-star camper (in other words, I only camp at four-star hotels). But Patrick had a teachers quorum Mountain Man camp out and yesterday Steve took Katie camping with some buddies. That left Emily and me home to hang out together. She had a friend over for a movie night and Just Dance 4 fun, while I worked on a manuscript and succumbed to a head cold. Yes--I am sick. I guess that is the way it goes sometimes.

As for writing, I had ambitious goals for this week: finish up enough of my latest manuscript to get it off to my editor. She has been waiting for it for several months. Luckily, she is patient. Unfortunately I did not get along as far as I would have liked, but I am pleased with the progress I made considering the kids were home and I still had to work at my second job several hours each day. I will push myself hard over the next week or two and get it sent off when it is clean and ready. {Anyone want to beta test a FHE lesson for me?}

Well, I guess that is about the long and the short of it. I hope your spring break was a success and that your St. Patrick's Day tomorrow is full of good luck!

P.S. Happy birthday to Steve tomorrow!! Love you!