Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Book Launch: Conversation with Mother Goddess

Natalie Kawai is a Spiritual Teacher and Guide. Born on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, she now lives in Hawaii. Clairaudient from birth, she has always been haunted by the mysteries of life, why we are here, and our role in the universe.

Moved by her intense desire always to go deeper in understanding the whys of the whys, she found the voice of the Great Mother of Creation twelve years ago. Since then, she has studied relentlessly with the Supreme Being in a constant and intense dialogue. This practice led her to understand why a gulf still exists between our divinity and our humanity. Under the Great Mother of Creation’s guidance, she founded LST™—Light Speed Transmutation—a radical system to restore our lost consciousness and drive out the last part of our ego.


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Buried in our soul forever, there is a piece of us that has not as yet been activated. That piece is the lost consciousness, the missing link guiding us to wholeness. As human beings, we have sought wholeness and connection with each other in the best way we know how by mimicking and emulating Source as we understand it.

Unfortunately, we cannot find wholeness because we have been missing part of who we are. As a New Era dawns for humanity, we now have to complete the process by gaining the consciousness we lost when we first incarnated at the beginning of time.

Natalie Kawai has found the key to completing that process. In Conversations With Mother Goddess, she shares what she has learned through her dialogues with the Great Mother of Creation. Part explanation of humanity’s origins, and part conversation about how humanity can move into a new and complete future, this book will bend your mind in new and surprising ways, preparing it for the next step in your soul’s evolution.

Discover the part of you that you have always been yearning for, but never knew how to find. Join others in this exciting journey to restore harmony, creativity, and peace in all of us. Then prepare yourself to help bring about Heaven on Earth! It will happen if we all make the effort….

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Author Top 10

orange and pink
thrillers with steam, intense passion, and emotions
Meryl Streep
Alex Mc Laughlin from Hawaii five-0 ( hi hi)  
 La Reina del Sur
Shaw-shank redemption  
Thelma & Louise
Legends of the Fall
Spy Game


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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Model of Human Communication

I need this for school, so I'm going to post it here. Please go about your business. This isn't really me posting ;-).
Source (sender)/receiver - The initiator/receiver and encoder/decoder of a message. Senders and receivers will both encode and decode simultaneously.
Message - the verbal and nonverbal components of language sent to convey an idea.
Channel - the medium through which the message travels (e.g., verbal communication).
Feedback - the receiver's verbal and nonverbal responses to a message.
Noise - interference with effective transmission and reception of a message. Types of noise include physical, physiological, psychological, and semantic.
Context - the environment in which a communication experience takes place.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sneak Peak

Here is the beginning of my current WIP. I will be looking for beta readers soon. If you might be interested, please leave me a comment!

         A tumbler full of orange juice would likely short out the world’s slowest laptop, Ellison Kendall speculated while taking a sip of her drink. Of course running over it with her car or dropping it from her eighth floor apartment window would be equally as effective. But at 5:15 a.m., Ellison lacked the energy to make that kind of effort. She hadn’t been up this early since competing in the Ragnar six months ago, but here she sat in front of her laptop, chin in hand, waiting for the remote desktop connection to load. It was taking longer than the sky took to turn from the dull gray of pre-dawn to the soft-hued rust of sunrise.
            In frustration, she shoved her chair back and headed to the kitchen to refill her glass. The view from the kitchen sink window overlooked Tempe Town Lake with its calm, blue water. A red-and-white sailed boat glided along smoothly. It seemed a stark contradiction to the knots gradually tightening in her shoulders and neck. She hadn’t been able to log on to the McCullough Realty remote desktop connection from home for four days now. Last week’s fourth floor electrical fire was the root of the problem; high-speed internet access had been temporarily disabled, leaving only outdated connections easily overloaded by the few apartments serviced.
            Ellison’s worst aggravation was her rude neighbor who seemed to always be online, making it impossible to work from home. The sluggish real estate market, not to mention her worried boss, demanded the highest levels of customer service. She had not been able to extend that over the past several days. If this went on much longer, she might lose a client or a sale. The risk was too great. Shooting down her last swallow of juice, Ellison decided to take action.
            After fishing her cell phone out of her purse, Ellison’s thumbs went to work on a text to her neighbor, JERKin806. The nickname she had chosen for him was strictly a reaction to his bandwidth-hogging tendencies, the number of times he’d hung up on her, and his absolute refusal to cooperate. It was in no way similar to the ‘J. Warren’ label on his lobby mailbox. Except for the ‘J’. She had no idea what it stood for, but jerk seemed to fit exceptionally well.
            Ellison: The web is super slow right now. R U on?
            Less than a minute later her phone chirped a response.
            JERKin806: Yes I’m on. Pulled an all-nighter. Deadline impending.
            Ellison: That’s what you said last night. And the night before.
            JERKin806: Redundancy police on duty? Next time I’ll rephrase.
            Ellison: No need to pretend you’re well-mannered.
            Ellison:  Etiquette is such an inconvenience.
            JERKin806: Kind of like 5:20 a.m. texts.
            Ellison: You’re not the only one trying to get work done.
            JERKin806: Just the only one trying not to nag.
            Ellison: If I could get on the web occasionally I wouldn’t have to nag!
            An irritated growl escaped Ellison’s lips as she threw the phone back in her purse.
            “Idiot,” she muttered, slamming her laptop closed.