Monday, July 15, 2013

Temple Coloring Pages

I saw these coloring pages, originally published in the Children's Friend in 1923, on Keepapitchinin and fell in love with them. Aren't they darling. I think I will print them out for my youngest to color during church. Back in 1923 there were only six temples in operation; the Mesa one was included here even though it was still under construction.

Ardis Parshall, notes on the post I stole these from that "these pictures were intended to be colored and mounted by Primary teachers and used as visual aids during their lesson that month."
The Arizona Temple (Foundation)
The children are all glad to help
To build the temples new,
They save and give their pennies and
They cheer the workers, too.
The St. George Temple
Oft times the little children
Are to the temples led,
And there, in water, are baptized,
The living for the dead.
The Manti Temple
Here ordinances can be performed
That last beyond this life.
The child is to its parents sealed,
The husband to the wife.
The Logan Temple
Young couples go up to this house
That they might married be,
Not only for this life alone,
But for eternity.
The Temple in Canada
A keeper is inside the gate,
You’ll ever find it so,
For only those who serve the Lord
Can to the temples go.
The Temple in Hawaii
Not only here at home, but on
The island’s distant shore
The work in temples is performed
As in days of yore.
The Salt Lake Temple
Great throngs of people young and old
Arrive by night and day,
To do the work for kindred dead
In God’s appointed way.

Monday, July 1, 2013

What I Have Been Reading Lately

I have been madly writing this summer. I have to admit I feel driven to finish my MTC @ HOME manuscript (formerly called FHE MTC). I think I will have good news to share on that next week, but now I am getting ahead of myself.

In addition to writing I have been trying to keep up on my to-read list. Here are some I have enjoyed recently:

By: Heidi Ashworth

I read this on my way home from vacation last week and enjoyed it immensely. It is a regency era romance about an English spy and his childhood pal/sweetheart. Ashworth has written about some these characters in earlier books, so it is fun to see this as sort of a third in a series. But really it stands on its own individually.

By: S. Michael Wilcox

I was given this book by a good friend for Christmas and then chose it for my turn to host my book club. The premise of the book--of finding as much good and truth in the world while keeping one foot firmly planted in the gospel of Jesus Christ--was thought provoking. This book was excellent for book club and I have learned a lot from the individuals Wilcox profiles. If you like biographies, this would be a particularly good choice.

By: Stephanie Sorensen

Stephanie is one of my favorite bloggers (have you read Diapers & Divinity?) and I am looking forward to meeting her IRL when I am in Utah in a few weeks. Anyway, Covenant Motherhood is her first book. In it she discusses how many of the mundane, day-to-day tasks moms perform are actually symbolic of the Savior and the atonement. It is a fascinating read, but quick. It made me feel better about some of the household chores I hate the most. I highly recommend it for all moms out there.

By: Sarah M. Eden

I read Glimmer of Hope right after the semester ended; it was a reward to myself. Sarah Eden books are always a reward to read. This one is a regency romance about an estranged married couple. The plot is unique and some of the marriage advice in the book is very reliable (at least according to my communications textbooks). I think every married couple has their ups and downs, so it is great to get a clean romance novel that addresses these types of issues. I wish there were more like it.

By: Melanie Jacobson

I actually read this one as soon as it came out a few months ago. Melanie Jacobson is one of my favorite LDS authors right now. (I am hoping to be like a character in one of her books in the hereafter.) This book is funny and has a good message about learning to understand out perceptions can be wrong, forgiveness, and hard work. I even bought a second copy of this book to give as a gift to my SIL for her birthday last week. An excellent summer read.

I hope your summer reading has been as enjoyable as mine has thus far. I have to limit what I am reading so I can make sure I am not too distracted from actually writing. But still, there are a few things slated to come out soon I am really looking forward to sinking my teeth into. Happy summer!