Monday, October 10, 2011

My Head is Under Water

Yep. I am buried over here. I am working on a big research report about black and earl grey teas (yuck!). So far the powerpoint report is over 500 slides long. And I would not be surprised if it needed a few hundred more. So, although I did not intend to take a blog break, please forgive me as I take a few more days to get this report wrapped up. If it weren't for fall break and the kids out of school I might have been able to finish it faster, but spending a little time with them on their holiday is more important than a yucky tea report. So, please bear with me.

See ya soon!


  1. I really understand. I don't always get to post or read blogs each day like I would like to. Good look with your power point. Hope it goes well.

  2. Best of luck! Hope you get everything done soon.


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