Monday, October 27, 2014

CHW Halloween Bash

For the past four or five years we have been invited to an amazing Halloween party where the decorations, games, and costumes are amazing. This year's party was last Friday night and (except for Steve having to eat a bug) we had a great time. Here are a few of the fun costumes couples wore to the party.

Below: Steve and I went as a pinata and batter (what does one call the person who hits a pinata?). The dress took forever to make and I was not able to salvage it after the party. At least I have some good pictures.

Below: This couple won for best costume. AMAZING! They always go all out and knock it out of the ball park.

Below: Do you recognize Lindsey Stirling in this couple's costume? Brilliant idea :-).

Below: This couple won a huge stuffed unicorn at the state fair and used it as the basis for this Despicable Me inspired costume. So creative!

Below: Last one . . . remember the Groot article I wrote this past summer? The husband in this couple was the miracle worker who made it. So, when it comes to costumes, these guys are the professionals. And their circus costumes were so fun.

So you see the competition we are up against? Leave me a suggestion for next year's costume idea--I am going need an entire year to get it ready if I want to play with the big kids.

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