Friday, November 6, 2009

And I Saw Another Angel

I have been working on my new manuscript about temples and have learned quite a bit about the angel Moroni statue used atop temples. I learned the angel on top of the Nauvoo temple was never specifically designated as Moroni. I have also learned there are about 4 different versions (or artistic renditions) of Moroni currently on temples. I think my favorite is this one (below) by Millard F. Malin, which is located on top of the Los Angeles temple.

While older versions of the angel Moroni statue were cast in aluminum or copper and then covered in gold leaf, current statues are made out of fiber glass first. This makes them lighter and requires less structural support.

Hope your Friday is going well!

Scripture of the Day: Romans 1:8


  1. They are so amazing. I am glad you posted about them.

  2. That is interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That was interesting to learn about. Thanks for sharing.


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