Friday, June 3, 2011

Yes, I am still alive

Okay, so I know it seems I have fallen off the planet. But really I am still here. Somehow I always think life will slow down and I will be able to take a breath. But for the past year or so it has been extra crazy. Here is what I have been doing in the past week or so:

- Wrote a research report - this took 24 hours to write. Yikes.
- Started teaching summer school.
- Running the kids here and there. (Now that they are out of school I am a taxi driver.)
- Housework.
- Finished my Shutterfly 2010 family photo book.
- Prepping for a vacation.

To be honest I am really in need of that vacation. I am worn out from working too much and don't feel like spending time on the things I want to do as a result. For example, I only have one chapter left of my manuscript, but I am having a hard time feeling like writing it. So close, and yet so far away?

Scripture of the Day: Genesis 49:2


  1. I hear you on the much needed vacation!

  2. Hope you get that much needed vacation.

  3. Have fun! I wish I were going up north to cool off!


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