Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ask the Editor

Ages ago I used to post now and again about how much I enjoy the Merriam-Webster series Ask the Editor? Never heard of them? These are fun ~2 minute videos discussing etymology, definitions, and punctuation issues. A favorite one is on the plural of the word 'octopus'; I use this video at school on occasion.

I also enjoy the clear description of the serial/Oxford comma in this video. I will have to use this in my PR writing class next go around.

And this 'biweekly/bimonthly' video confirmed a pet peeve I have of using those terms.

These fun videos come out only about once a month, but are usually informative and interesting. So many people could benefit from watching these. There are a lot of them on YouTube, or you can find them using the link at the top of this page--go check them out!

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