Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mother's Day

Although I don't have a lot of extra time to do crafts, I definitely enjoy making them. I recently stumbled across this graphic (originally posted here) from the Children’s Friend, May 1936. I think it would make a nice card for Mother's Day, or maybe a coloring page for Primary.

I love the three generations on it and the idea of maternal heritage. I have great admiration for my maternal grandmother, Donna Kelson Morgan. She worked hard to raise six children, one of whom was disabled. Often she was alone because her husband travelled for work. And to supplement the family income she (along with a sister and sister-in-law) started their own business--unusual for the 1950s. Although I have no personal memories of her, I feel a deep connection to my maternal grandmother because of the memories shared of her by my own mother.

Donna Hannah Kelson Morgan

My own dear mother inherited a lot of the strength from her mom. She works hard owning her own business, graduated from college while raising three crazy teenagers, and constantly planned for fun, memory-making activities we could do as a family. Remarkable in so many ways, including being a wonderful grandmother to seven grandkids.

Patricia Jane Morgan Spiers

And then there are my own two beautiful daughters. I see amazing potential in both of their unique, individual natures. I pray they inherit the strength and talents of their grandmother and great-grandmother, and build on those characteristics they can pass on to their own daughters and granddaughters in a never-ending chain of maternal love and heritage.

Happy Mother's Day!

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