Monday, October 4, 2010

Subbing Stinks

It is nearly 10 pm and I am just coming home from substituting two classes on Red Mountain CC campus. I am teaching two evening classes for a professor who is having knee surgery. One of the classes is a killer 7:10 pm to 9:50 pm session. Typically, such a class goes for 50 minutes and then takes a 10 minute break, repeat, and then finish up. Well, I just taught straight through with the intention of ending at 9:30 instead. By 9:15 the students started complaining that their regular professor has never kept them so late (never later than 8:30 pm, they say).

Boy, did I feel like a dork. Next week I won't kill myself trying to fill the time.

PS, I have my remaining conference notes almost ready to post. They will definitely be up tomorrow sometime. Sorry for the dely. As you can tell, today was crazy.

Scripture of the Day: Ruth 2:12


  1. That's funny. I wish Kirk's night teacher let them out early every week, but no such luck.

    I can't find your email address anywhere but I wanted to borrow the carnival signs, will you email me :)

  2. Wow 2 more classes. You are amazing. My husband has his schooling on Thursday night. He is supposed to go from 5-9. He is always home by 7:30 ~~I have always wondered why.


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