Monday, January 31, 2011

Book Review: The Widower's Wife

This is another recent Nook acquisition I obtained for a vacation I took over the holidays (I put four books on my Nook to read--and read all of them). Prudence Bice's book The Widower's Wife I read in a day or so. I really liked the concept for the story in this book and felt the author handled it well. The romance was excellent, but I felt the challenge the main character faced with the children could have been ramped up a bit more to make it more realistic. Bice also does a good job of writing the protaganist; he was definitely scary!

When Jillian Grey answers Dalton McCullough s newspaper advertisement requesting a mail-order bride to take care of his three young children, they both agree that their marriage is one of convenience and nothing more. But when they realize their growing attraction for each other, they must decide if giving in to their feelings is worth the risk of upsetting their new family s delicate balance. This engaging debut from Prudence Bice is a wholesome love story that satisfies and uplifts while reaffirming your faith in the human spirit.

One other thing--one of the negative aspects of this book for me was that there were too many flashbacks. I really wish the author would have trimmed these down a bit.

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BTW, this book was included in LDS Publisher's contest for the best cover designs of 2010. I agree that this cover is well done!

Scripture of the Day: D&C 88:63

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