Friday, September 9, 2011

Catching Up

I thought I would share a little about what I have been up to lately in this post. But first things first: thanks to all those who left a comment for the giveaway. The winner (according to is:

Congratulations and happy shopping!

Okay, now back to what I have been up to lately.

First of all, teaching seems to be going well this semester. I have three classes all back to back in the middle of the day. Perfect for me because it is while the kids are at school. The students are fun as usual, although I have one with restless leg syndrome who keeps standing up during class. This drives me nuts, but I don't know what to say. I did tell him he has to stand at the back of the room so he isn't blocking anyone's view. But otherwise I am at a loss. Any advice? Please?

My writing has been slow as a result of work hours. Plus I had to finish a required online course for work (so glad that is done now). And then Primary has been somewhat busy, too. I really need to nail down a set time to do my writing. I miss it and have things buzzing in my mind that want to get out and about. I did get another article accepted by Mormon Times yesterday, so that will be coming out soon. But, on the down side, I also had a manuscript turned down recently. I think I am getting more used to rejection though as I did not take this one too hard.

Patch has hit the teen scene harder lately. Attitude-wise, I mean. After a few experiences I won't detail here (I am sure he would prefer to avoid that embarrassment) I realized it was time to shift gears with him and back off a little. He is needing his autonomy more and more as he gets older. And it seems it is time for him to take it to a new level. Not that I am ready for him to do that (would I ever be?)--just that he is ready for it.

I read two great books this week and am looking forward to doing reviews of them on my blog here in the next few weeks. I am beginning to be convinced that there are some really great new fiction writers emerging on the scene. And I kinda wish I was one of them (my green-eyed monster is showing a bit now).

And lastly, I saw these were going up for auction soon in New York. I'll take one of each, please...

Scripture of the Day: Deut. 8:3

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  1. Sounds like life continues to be very busy. On a positive, you probably never get bored. :-)


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