Friday, September 23, 2011

Too Much Change

So, is anyone out there liking the new Blogger interface? I tried it for a week and found I preferred the old version. And I thought the new version looked too sterile or boring. I miss the blue and find the orange kind of meh. If you like it, please share what you like. Maybe I am missing something.

And then there are the facebook changes, which I am not hip on either. I do like the idea of video chat options--totally nice. But the news story concept is just not needed. Facebook people are totally messing with a good thing. And they are making changes every month it seems. Are they not aware that some people out there need time to adapt to change? Not everyone is as high tech as Mark Zuckerberg.

Scripture of the Day: Revelations 1:4


  1. I really am not on FB enough to notice changes. But i have heard a lot of people complaining about them. But I think people complain every time there is a change and then they adjust to it. As for blogger . . . I changed for a day and then changed back. I guess I am not all that adventurous. I get tired of having to relearn everything--especially just after I finally figured it out.

  2. I am not a fan of change when I am happily content how things are working. So, Facebook has really bugged me with all their changes. My children are tired of me asking for help. I was delighted that we had the option of keeping old blogger the way we like it.Don't really like the new way.


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