Friday, January 8, 2010

Book Review: Her Good Name

I was naughty last night. Yesterday I received Josi S. Kilpack's novel Her Good Name in the mail (I had won it on the LDS Women's Book Review Blog) and started reading it. I should have gone to bed at 9 pm to get enough sleep and get up early to get my things done before work. But this book was too good to put down. I read it until 11:15 pm (when I finished). And tonight I will likely be rereading it, although I am extra tired this evening.

Here is the description of the book:

"Chrissy is having an identity crisis. As a single woman and convert to the Church, she has always managed to find her place in life — at least until someone else begins using her credit cards, her bank account, and, most important, her name. Now the real Chrissy must prove her innocence against a growing pile of collection notices and unpaid bills. But with no job, no money, a warrant for her arrest, and a closet full of high-heeled shoes, a girl can only get so far.

"When Chrissy meets Micah Heet, the other half of a blind date gone bad, the two discover they are facing the same battle and join forces to find the perpetrators. Little do they know that the small semblance of life they have left will be put on the line in the process."

Here's the list of a few of the things I liked about Her Good Name (since I am too tired and lazy to expound much tonight):

1. The main character has a real body type (not the standard tall, slim, can-eat-like-a-horse-and-never-gain-weight character that seems so common lately). Chrissy is 5'1" and has curves where a woman should have curves. Being a short, curvy woman myself, I thank you, Josi, for this.

2. The ending was happy and well resolved, but not overdone. I don't want to give any spoilers here, but trust me on this--the end is strong and unique.

3. The story reads very true to life. In the acknowledgments Josi says she had assistance from a law enforcement professional to make sure the identity theft plot line was accurate. Not only was it accurate, but it was exciting to read (yep, gun shots are involved!).

4. I learned from this book that I am making some mistakes that might cause problems if my identity was ever stolen. Time to make some changes around my home.

After reading Her Good Name I look forward to delving into more of Kilpack's novels.

Scripture of the Day: Proverbs 16:23


  1. I LOVE that book! (Okay, I love just about anything Josi writes . . .) I agree that it was fun having a heroine that wasn't perfect physically. I read it some time ago, and I *still* cringe whenever I hand over a credit card at a restaurant.

  2. Hmmm, sounds like I need to borrow this one from you...

    Thanks for continuing to put out great content on your blog. I don't often comment, but I'm still reading.

    Tara Carpenter

  3. She IS a great author. I have a few of her books. I am outof books right now reading your review, I might have to go re-read this until I can get to the bookstore or the library!


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