Friday, January 22, 2010

Shopping Spree

I have been spending money like crazy the past few weeks and I feel bad about it. I am just not used to having money to spend in the first place (at least not much). But a lot of the spending has been taking care of items needed. And the new consistency of my job has made the funds available. Here are a few examples of my purchases:

1. I had to buy a new laptop... I have been postponing this purchase for eight months but finally took care of it.

2. Remember these new chairs? Well, our time babysitting them came to an end today and I had to order some new ones to match the table. I went with some on clearance through JCPenney, but they were still kinda pricey.

3. I went on the trip to Denver and spent several hundred just on gasoline to get there and back.

4. And of course Christmas. Need I say more?

Additionally, we are still shopping for a new car. I wish this process was over because it is not very fun. But then with all the other things I have spent money on lately I don't mind putting off the car purchase for a month or so more.

Scripture of the Day: D&C 48:4


  1. I hate when big purchases come all together. It makes me a little crazy, even when we have the funds. Although I do enjoy using the big ticket items once I have them.


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