Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Family Home Evening Night

Last night was the night. Time again for FHE. This is about how it usually goes. Hopefully I am not disillusioning anyone, but I thought it would be a good idea to preserve for my family how a dull FHE generally goes around here. Enjoy!

It was my night to teach a lesson from conference talks given last October. I did not feel much like teaching, but since Steve is somewhat under the weather delegation was not an option.

We all gathere together in the family room. Sweetie Peach cries because there seems to be no place for her to sit. I move my briefcase off of a chair to make room for her. This seems to appease her.

Steve assigns Patch to conduct the meeting. Patch chooses "Give Said the Little Stream" as the opening song, which we sing out without accompaniment and out of tune.

Patch asks me to give the prayer and I wonder why since I am teaching the lesson (hearing too much from me in one night?), but I say it anyway.

Announcements made by Patch (note all are about him):

1. Patch has YM this Wednesday night.

2. Patch has a camp out this Friday night.

Sweetie Peach chimes in and notes Wednesday is her birthday. (She has been reminding us of this fact for a few weeks now.) Steve notes he is taking Wednesday off to help with birthday party arrangements Wednesday afternoon. This is a surprise to me. Kitty reports she has tumbling lessons on Wednesday too.

Patch turns the time over to me for the lesson. I am teaching from Elder Christofferson's talk on moral obligation. I tell the story about President Faust and his army days and then we talk about teaching morals in the home.

Sweetie Peach starts to cry again and I ask her what's wrong. She reports that Patch is picking his nose and waving it at her in a teasing manner. I ask Patch how this behavior relates to moral agency and duty. He gives me an answer that shows he was only half listening to the lesson. I challenge him to make good moral decisions for the rest of FHE. He agrees.

I read a few more quotes from the lesson and then end with the candy bar stealing story from Elder Christofferson's youth. I admit being too lazy to add a game or even a visual aid to the lesson and think I will need to repent of my laziness later.

Steve asks Patch to pick the closing song, but Patch hesitates too long. Kitty then gets assigned to pick the song. She chooses "How Firm a Foundation" and (again) we sing it terribly.

Sweetie Peach says the closing prayer.

Scripture of the Day: Mormon 2:23


  1. Thanks for the laugh. Funny--the only thing I remember from FHE when I was a child is my sister playing with her hair and my dad getting mad at her for it. I think it happened every week. But my parents were persistent and I think in the end that paid off. After all, we all still like each other. :-)

  2. Hmmmm...sounds like you and Elder Bednard have spied on one of FHE! :)
    I remember having FHE which was important in our family because we didn't seem to get together the rest of the week.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. :) :) :)
    And Happy Birthday to Sweetie Peach!


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