Thursday, January 7, 2010

La Posada

Yesterday was long. The drive to Winslow was not too bad, but the whole day was basically a 12 hour work day. The interesting thing to see was La Posada, the hotel where the focus groups took place. Here is a picture of the front of it.

Modern day front entrance

It is an historical landmark of sorts. I learned this about it: "Fred Harvey built La Posada in 1929 as the headquarters of the Harveycar Indian Detours, auto tours to the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, the Meteor Crater, the Grand Canyon, and the Hopi Pueblo. The Indian Detours were very successful in New Mexico and Harvey held out the same hopes for the Arizona tours" (source).

Original front of the hotel, which is now the back

And this: "La Posada closed in 1957; for the next 40 years, its future remained tenuous. Enter Allan Affeldt and his wife Tina Mion. Affeldt heard about the hotel and purchased it in 1997 after much negotiation, bringing with him a strong vision and commitment for returning La Posada to Colter’s original concept. Restoration started immediately and continues today" (source). (The architect for La Posada was Elizabeth Jane Colter.)

The restaurant in the hotel where I had lunch

La Posada sits right on the train tracks. In days gone by that is how the guests mainly arrived--by train. Now the guests come by car. Hence the change of the front of the hotel to being the back (and vice versa).

Part of the lobby leading to the rooms

La Posada looks like an interesting place to stay if you are traveling along Route 66. The renovations are coming along nicely and they had waitresses in the restaurant dressed like Harvey Girls. The only thing I was not hot on was all the modern art hanging in the lobby (lots of it). The art did not seem to fit the period decor I felt should belong there. But otherwise it is worth a look see.

Scripture of the Day: D&C 89:18


  1. I think I would have split up the 12 hours and enjoyed a night at the hotel. I would hope the rooms were as beautiful as the rest of the hotel.

  2. What a beautiful hotel! It looks like a really fun place to visit. I agree with you that modern art would be out of place though. That seems like an odd choice. But even so the architecture is very beautiful.


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