Monday, February 14, 2011

Cultivating Gratitude #9

Today marks the 99th anniversary of Arizona becoming a state - happy birthday AZ! So today I am grateful for Arizona. I love living here and all the benefits my state provides. Here is what I love most about my state:

~ Today's weather: 79 degrees!
~ Sunsets
~ The Grand Canyon
~ Variety in landscapes (mountains, desert, rivers--it's all here)

~ Swimming 6 months out of the year
~ Close proximity to LA, LV, UT, NM, and CO
~ Pioneer, Native American, and Hispanic heritage all rolled into one
~ Bandits (although I have never been to Tombstone)

Scripture of the Day: 1 Samuel 20:17


  1. Oh so true!! You just forgot to mention that all the rivers are dry. :-)

    But I love it here too. Happy Valentines Day

  2. I visited Tombstone when I was a little girl. I don't recall any bandits being there. Arizona is a very beautiful place to visit or live. I use to be scared as a young girl of the thunder storms during monsoon season.


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