Monday, February 21, 2011

This had me laughing

Yesterday Patch (age 13) asked if he could wear cologne to church. After warning him about wearing too much cologne, the DH sent him to our bathroom to find it and a short while later Patch came back asking if it smelled okay.

I sniffed him and couldn't smell it hardly at all.

So he came closer and lifted his arm for me to sniff.

Apparently he thought cologne was worn in the armpits!

Scripture of the Day: Moroni 7:47


  1. LOL... We have to remind our son that he only needs a drop. The girls will complain about how strong it is.

  2. What a great name and such a cute kid! They're so much fun at that age.

  3. That is too funny!! And it provided me with my first good laugh of the day. Thanks so much for sharing. And I hope you recorded that somewhere (other than your blog, of course) as it is a story you will want to save.

  4. That is really funny. He wanted to make sure he smelled good, not stinky. Good job Patch.


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