Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Review: Miss Delacourt Has Her Day

A few years ago I read Heidi Ashworth's regency romance Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind (see my review here) and fell in love with the two main characters, Ginny Delacourt and Sir Anthony. I had honestly thought Ashworth had set the book up for a possible sequel, and made mention of this in a comment on her blog, only to learn that was not the case. But Heidi was intrigued by the idea and set to work on what is now affectionately known as MD2 (for Miss Delacout 2). Well, finally, that dream has come to fruition and Miss Delacourt Has Her Day has arrived. I just had to order a copy to read right away and am now here to share.

So what did I think?  Once again, I loved the main characters. What was impressive was that Ashworth gave greater depth to Ginny and Sir Anthony through the use of new situations and circumstances. I was clearly able to see growth and change in both of them. The continued use of foil characters Lucinda and Lord Avery were also an added bonus for the humorous themes of the book.

I also enjoyed the creative plot elements in Miss Delacourt Has Her Day. Sir Anthony has some fun challenges to overcome in order to be able to wed his lovely Ginny--these led to plenty of laughs and even a bit of suspense. The slight plot twist involving one character with whom I share a name (Rebecca) was a nice curveball thrown in by Heidi.

All in all, I just love Heidi's style of writing. She has an intellectual quality in her use of words that I envy. And her ability to be witty and humorous (just check out the dialogue alone!) is on par with (if not better than) Sarah Eden's work.

Ginny Delacourt felt the course of true love could not have run smoother. After all, it required only a fortnight, a pair of highwaymen, a pox quarantine, a sham betrothal, and a masquerade ball to bring Sir Anthony up to snuff. When her beloved suddenly becomes the heir to his uncle, the Duke of Marcross, protocol dictates that he drop the "Sir" from his name. It's his uncle who insists Ginny, daughter of a lowly vicar, is not the proper bride for a future duke.

Lucinda and Lord Avery arrive on the scene to stir up trouble, and Ginny's normally manipulative Grandaunt Regina seems helpless to arrange anything, least of all a frowned-upon wedding. It's up to Anthony, with help from his fussy valet, to see to it that Ginny has her day.

The road to true love just got a little bumpier.

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  1. I am intrigued and look forward to reading it. First I must read the book 1 then I can read this one. I have added it to my ever going goodreads list.

  2. Oh, Becky, you are so good to me! It's totally true that the sequel seed was planted by you so I owe you a lot. I am going to link to this review in the next day or two. Hugs!


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