Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cultivating Gratitude #11

Yesterday, while working, I was listening to a Mormon Channel latter-day prophets discussion about David O. McKay. Did you know he is the first prophet in these latter days to be a college graduate? This surprised me somewhat. I would have thought a few earlier prophets would have gone to college. I do recall hearing that Heber J. Grant could have gone to West Point, but that he chose to stay home to take care of and be near his widowed mother. But, generally, this little factoid was eye-opening.

Anyway, all of this thinking about who went to college and who did not has made me realize how grateful I am to have had the chance to go to school to earn two college degrees. Not everyone has had such blessed opportunities. And of those who did, not everyone enjoyed it.

I loved almost everything about going to college--the atmosphere, roommates, the professors, the growth I experienced (everything except the being poor as a church mouse part). And my education has opened a lot of doors for me. I am a better, more confident, well-rounded, secure person because of the six years I invested in my education. The rewards have significantly outweighed the challenges, costs, and struggles that came with attending college. And I am incredibly grateful for that.

Scripture of the Day: D&C 104:18


  1. I had no idea that he was the first to receive a college degree. Like you, I always assumed that there were other's before him who had earned college degrees.

    There is never a day that goes by that I don't feel gratitude for the chance I have been blessed with to earn a degree.

  2. I am completely agreeing with your last paragraph! However, I think I appreciate it so much more now in retrospect than when I was actually there. Thanks for sharing... former roomie! ;)


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