Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shifts in Reading Patterns?

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Another interesting article from Shelf Awareness... I am finding it easier not to pick up books again that I have on my Nook as well. Although, for the most part these are free books--so I do not feel the necessity to read them if I don't have to. Those I have paid for I make sure I read all the way to get my money's worth.

"Since getting an e-book [reading device], I've found myself spending more money on books than I did a year ago, and spending it faster.... It's also changed me as a reader. For one thing, it eases, to a potentially dangerous degree, the switch from one book to another. Like many readers, I read half a dozen or more books at a time, dropping one and picking up another according to mood. And, like most such readers, I sometimes find that when I put aside a book I choose not to pick it up again.

"For those who read this way, the e-book presents extra temptations. You need only press two buttons and Book A will disappear, making room for Book B; automatically, the page you were reading on Page B when last you turned to it magically appears. I've self-imposed rules against the behavior this encourages, lest I find myself never finishing anything." --Robert Fulford in his National Post column, "Death of the book: Long live e-books.

Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 61:11

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  1. This is a good article because it talks about a concern that I had right away when e-books were introduced. Not only spending more money on books than you have in the past. But jumping form book to book with out finishing will be easier for m. I have elected for the tie being not to buy one of these. Still hold my self to reading one book at a time. Even though I currently have 2 sitting on my book self that I am working on.


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