Tuesday, December 1, 2009

10 Things I Am Grateful For Today

1. Hairspray - my hair would look terribly messy without it.

2. Space heaters that keep my feet toasty while stuck typing at the computer.

3. Visiting teachers who are really are more accurately described as friends.

4. Non-stick frying pans and/or non-stick cooking spray (I feel sorry for moms who cooked in days prior to Teflon technology/Pam).

5. Yoga. It keeps me sane some days.

6. Gift bags--remember when we had to wrap everything?

7. Digital cameras that let me pick and choose which pics to save and which ones to delete.

8. Microwaves that can heat up lunch in a jiffy.

9. Cookbooks with lots of pictures of the foods I can learn to make.

10. Hugs and kisses from my cute kids! (Although they are getting pretty sparse from Patch lately... I guess that's the way it goes with tween boys.)

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Scripture of the Day: Alma 27:16-19


  1. I LOVE my space heater. I get so cold!

  2. Love your list. Have you checked out Pioneer Woman's cookbook? Lots of great pictures there.

    I love Pam and Yoga too. I love to unwrap a gift so I always wrap if possible. The husband goes the gift bag route.


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