Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas in the Book of Mormon

Traditionally in our ward primary the Sunbeams act out the nativity on the Sunday before Christmas. This is one of my favorite sharing times of the year! But this year there was a problem. We have only 2 sunbeams. And they are both boys.

After weighing the options I decided to combine the sunbeams with the CTR 5 class. There are 5 more kids in the CTR 5 class, so this would give us the numbers we needed. However, still there were no girls. Not even one! And all of these boys are very active. How do you do the nativity without Mary or an angel? It was not going to happen.

So I made the executive decision to put together a Christmas in the Book of Mormon sharing time for these boys to act out. The point was to have the boys dress up as some of the prophets who foretold of the Savior's birth. The parts the children played would not require speaking (and very limited acting), but would be narration interspersed with songs and scriptures. My friend Heather found a really cute starting point for me from the Friend magazine, but it had too few parts. After adding a part for King Benjamin and adding/changing a few songs it all came together.

And today it all happened. I wish I had taken a picture of the boys. One of my favorite points was when Samuel the Lamanite was standing up on his wall and one of the Nephites got up on top of the wall with him. They are best friends in real life, so they stood there as buddies when they were supposed to be playing enemies.

The boys did such a good job and there was a sweet spirit to be felt. It was a great way to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Scripture of the Day: Helaman 7:7-8


  1. It was so awesome. It was so well written (you and your friend did a great job) and the boys all did so great. I wish I could have taped it. It would have been fun to go back and watch again years down the road. Much laughing would have ensued.

  2. That sounds like such a cute idea! Of course in our ward we have about 60 nursery kids so that wouldnt work too well for us!!

  3. Wonderful idea! We were snowed in and church was canceled last Sunday so it would have been a bummer to have something so cool planned. I am filing this away, though, in case I am ever in charge.


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