Wednesday, December 16, 2009

5 Fun Christmas Activities Using Scriptures

1. Have your family act out the Nativity story while reading from Luke 2.

2. Make a Jesse Tree with scriptures prophesying of the Savior's birth.

3. Help your kids illustrate Samuel the Lamanite's prophecies of the Savior's birth.

4. Include Christmas scriptures in an advent calendar.

5. Make gift tags with Christmas scripture verses on them.

Scripture of the Day: Psalms 66:1


  1. These are all great ideas, Becky! Love the advent idea.

  2. What fresh ideas! Those tags are so cute!!

  3. I love the advent idea too! And your board...did you make it? I'll pay you for one! It's seriously sooooo cute!

  4. Our friends added Samuel the Lamanite to the family nativity program last year and it was everyone's favorite part to throw "stones" at Samuel. I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing them.


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