Thursday, February 4, 2010

A new pet

I ran out of time to post yesterday. Work ran late and then after dinner I took the girls to run errands. I got a lot done, except for posting. Which is too bad, because I needed to tell about out new "pet."

Steve was out changing the oil on the car in the night (he is such a night owl). He was doing it on the driveway (because for some strange reason the previous owners of this house carpeted the garage) when at one point he looked over and saw a large mouse on the lawn. Using a bowl, Steve caught the mouse and put it in an old terrarium we had sitting in the garage. He gave it a few pretzels and some water and then placed it on the back porch.

On the terrarium he taped a sign that reads:

"Don't Touch! I Bite!" (with a picture of a skull and crossbones)

Of course the kids think this new "pet" is super cool. They have shown it to all the neighborhood kids and have been proposing names for it.

But I think it is awful. What if we have mice in our house somewhere? What if the kids get bit? Who is going to take care of this germ-infested creature?

As you can tell, pets (in general) are not my forte. What should I do?

Scripture of the Day: Luke 20:34-35


  1. Give it a toy motorcycle and watch it go.

  2. I am probably the wrong person to ask, but I would get rid of it!! Mice are gross, disgusting, squirmy little things. I think you are amazingly brave to have this one for so long. Oh and about having more . . . they are probably just outside, but you know if there is one, there are certainly more. Happy thought. :-)

  3. I am a bad person to ask about pets... because we have way too many of them. But I know how much your kids love furry pets. Tough call!

  4. haha! I am right there with you. I don't do pets. I would love to have chickens, a cow...maybe even a dog someday but I told Rob he's going to have to take care of them because I just don't do animals, especially mice! Good luck!

  5. We live by many weed infested, empty lots so we got two cats. They love to 'show-n-tell' their catches! And they are outdoor cats.

    Mice from pet stores are safe, but not from outside. I'd let it go near a neighbor who has a cat :)

  6. EWWW, I don't like pets in general. A mouse is especially bad. Get rid of it.

  7. You know, those little toy hamsters almost look real....


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