Sunday, April 25, 2010

Conversation with Patch

Today while at a stoplight:

Patch: Mom, guess what? The lady in the car next to us just looked over here so I picked my nose! **laughs hysterically**

Me: Please don't do that. You are embarrassing me.

Patch: So? **laughs more**

Me: If you want to embarrass me then that means I can embarrass you. Next time I come to school to pick you up I will wear my ugliest miss-matched clothes, drive up with really loud, awful music, wear thick lipstick and kiss you in front of your friends, and then ask loudly if you had any potty accidents that day.

Patch: **no longer laughing** Please don't do that, Mom.

Me: Then don't pick your nose again like that.

Patch: Okay.

Scripture of the Day: D&C 52:40 (in Koichi Aoyagi's talk 'Helping Hands, Saving Hands')


  1. You are a smart mama! He'll definitely think twice before picking again!

  2. LOVE IT! You are so smart...

  3. Hee! Too cute - I'm always at a loss for such a comeback with my kids. It's the delayed reaction - given a couple minutes I always come up with a "wish I'd said" !!


  4. that is pretty funny, have you ever seen the show Modern Family? The Mom on the show did something like that to embarrass her teenage daughter, it's pretty funny. Just so you know I got your travel case off to you this morning, sorry it took me that long to get to the post office, I hope you enjoy it!


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