Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Short Term Goals

Last week I finished a short term goal (yay for me!). I drew a picture for a small art contest. Although I am 99.9% sure it will not win, I felt the exercise of the process would be worth the effort. My picture turned out pretty good. Once I get the rejection notice I will have to post a scanned copy of it for my readers.

Now it is time for me to set a new short term goal. Here are some I am considering:

1. I am not a fiction writer, but I am considering participating in a contest sponsored by Precision Editing Group. I have long been intrigued by a romance my DH's grandparents and could use that as a storyline. The problem is that the contest is tomorrow... I need to make up my mind soon.

2. This is the year of the dreaded 40th birthday. I think I want to do some sort of physical challenge on my birthday, or near it. I have thought about hiking the Grand Canyon that day. Or maybe biking a marathon. Any suggestions?? I have 6 months left to prepare.

3. A home improvement project--maybe repainting the living room or redoing the master bedroom closet. I would love to redo the kitchen too, but am not sure my marriage could survive such a big, expensive, messy project :-)!

Which one(s) should I go for? What short-term goals are you working on now?


  1. Good for you! And seriously, turning 40 isn't bad. I have always said a person isn't even credible until they are at least that age. For my birthday one year I wanted to ride my bike for as many miles as I was old. But then I discovered mountain biking which was a lot more fun --at least I thought--so I did that instead and had one of the most fun days of my life.

    As for short term goals--right now I am just trying to survive the next six and half weeks. Then I think I will consentrate on getting more healthy. I just had all my tests done and am fine, so I have no excuses!!

  2. No marathons. Marathons are dumb!!! :)

  3. congrats on entering your picture! I can't wait to see it (but hope it wins!). I would go with painting. It gives you the biggest bang for your energy buck. Things, once organized, have a way of becoming disorganized pretty quickly.

  4. I think you should go for the contest. I'm doing it! I hope to get a lot written.

    I love the idea of a physical challenge on your birthday. What a great way to bring in a new decade!

    My short term writing goal is to prepare myself for the bootcamp training at LDStorymakers conference. Soooo Excited!!


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