Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day Candy Bar Letter

My DH does not want us to get him anything for Father's Day this year, but the kids and I have decided to make him this candy bar letter to show our love and appreciation for all he does. He loves candy, so I don't think he'll mind too much that we are not following his wishes to the letter...

Dear Dad,

We just wanted to Take 5 minutes to tell you how Special (Dark Hershey's) you are to us. You are a Starburst and worth way more than 100 Grand! We couldn’t find a greater Dad if we searched all across the Milky Way. We would follow you anywhere, even to Mars. You are definitely a Mr. Goodbar and our family would fall to (Reese's) Pieces without you! Thank you for all the Nutrageous times we have together. Our meMentos-ries are Extra special because of you. We wish you Mounds of Almond Joy this Father's Day and hope this card makes you Snicker (s blacked out). Please don't Rolover and get sick from eating it all!

Hugs and Kisses,
Your Smarties

Scripture of the Day: Romans 15:4-5


  1. I did something like this for Valentine's Day. It was a big hit!

  2. Rebecca you still haven't claimed your award. Its on my blog...hope you like it.

  3. such a cute idea. my hubby doesn't want any thing either. we still made him breakfast.


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