Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Month, New Theme + Random Stuff

I recently read President Uchdorf's talk on patience from the priesthood session in last April's General Conference. It is an amazing talk! And it has inspired me to strive to be more patient. Feel free to try along with me--although I should warn you that striving for patience often means you end up in situations requiring more patience. But if I am willing to try, hopefully you will be too. This month's scriptures will be about patience to help remind me to be more patient.

Just a few housekeeping issues:

- I had five more authors respond to the Author Royalties survey and will be reposting the results from that in the next day or so.

- Don't forget to participate in the Summer Treasure Hunt (see link in sidebar). On the 16th the prize is one of my books, so keep your eyes open for that!

- I went with my family to the Visitors' Center on Sunday evening and they have a beautiful new display of art. The pieces are those that won awards in a Church-wide contest held last year. I highly recommend stopping by to see this beautiful display!

Scripture of the Day: Alma 32:41-43

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