Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thanks Millie! and Saturday Morning Cartoon #31

A few days ago Millie gave me this sweet award. I really appreciate it and am glad to learn I have touched some hearts out there. Thank you so much!

Since I am supposed to pass along the award to three other bloggers, here are my choices:

Nancy at My Blonde Ambitions (for making so many beautiful things!)

Julie at Truly delightful in Every Way!?! (for making the truth fun!)

And Rachel at Rachel Rager (for her beautiful Wednesday romance posts--the middle of the week has never been this good!)

Please pass on the beautiful Blogger award to other blogs that have touched you recently.

And here is this week's cartoon...
I have never dreamed in e-mail, nor in black and white (that I can remember). What about you?

Scripture of the Day: Alma 9:26


  1. you deserve this award. Your blog is so uplifting and inspiring.

  2. I've never dreamed in black and white, but I have dreamed typing. Like I was typing everything that was happening in the dream. I've also had dreams with subtitles.

  3. Rebecca, thanks so much for the award! (I just tried to leave a comment, but don't think it worked, hopefully you don't get this twice). i just wanted to let you know that I haven't commented on this yet because I've been out of town and haven't sat down to a computer until today. You are always so sweet about my blog. I truly appreciate your friendship and support, it means a lot. Thanks again! Have a great day.


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