Friday, June 4, 2010

What to Do??

Lately I have been trying to eat more of these...

But am still craving these...

How do you get rid of such cravings without eating what you crave? Especially when it is Friday and you feel like celebrating the beginning of the weekend!

Scripture of the Day: Romans 15:4-5


  1. Good questions!!! At least your veggies pic is gorgeous. That helps. :)

  2. You are so good to want to eat better.

    I read an article on a model who recently had a baby. She said that if she craves something she allows herself one bite without feeling guilty...
    I think the guilty part for me would be throwing the rest away after one bite!
    If you figure out any tricks, let me know.

  3. don't listen to Kristina P. she wears snuggies..
    after 2 weeks it is easier.. really. (i am trying to convince myself still) (^o^)

  4. It's a struggle. If you find the answer please share. ;)

  5. carrot cake, you can feel good about that, right?


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