Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Busy Week

Just a few quick notes on what is going on over here in my corner of the world. Mostly I have been swamped with work. On Tuesday I worked 4 jobs! And none of them were even writing :-(. It was awful, but had to be done. One of the jobs was a one day deal, so that is permanently over. I almost have my grading done for MCC, so that will also end soon. Can I tell you how much I am looking forward to the Christmas holiday?

Today Kitty is in the school spelling bee. I may actually be more nervous for her than she is for herself. I hope she does not get out too quickly or on a word that is too easy. I was recently watching a rerun of Psych and laughed when one of the main characters said he lost the school spelling bee when he misspelled the word 'failure.' Now I do not think it is so funny!

I also have my annual exam today. Yuck. Love doing that every year.

I have been spending money like it's going out of style (although, with the possible devaluation of our national currency, maybe it is going out of style). Christmas time is always like that, though. I will spend probably another good amount before I am done.

Today is is cloudy and might rain--at least the weatherman says so, and it smells like rain outside. I love rainy days, so I am enjoying it.

And lastly, M&Ms have been a downfall for me these past two weeks! At my mom's office, where I put in a few hours of work each day, a co-worker of hers keeps putting out this big bowl of them. And I just can't seem to resist. But I think I have found a solution: buy a bag of Skittles and dump them on top of the M&Ms. I do not like Skittles and know I would not dig through them for the M&Ms (embarrassing!).

Hope your week is not as crazy as mine and that you are enjoying the holiday spirit!

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Scripture of the Day: Alma 7:10


  1. You haven't asked for my address to send my Christmas present! I will email you immediately. :)

  2. CRAZY busy lady!
    How did my daughter do at the spelling bee? She didn't bother to tell me until we were heading out the door this morning and Mr. T had a dental appointment and we were having a dishwasher delivered all at 9am...

    I am seriously LOVING your idea for the skittles. I would probably end up eating the skittles just to get to the m&m's. I like m&m's THAT much. :) Thanks for the laugh this morning. I needed it.

  3. My week is not as crazy--(like the couple weeks before have been) and so I am finding it hard to do anything. I think I work better when I am busy. It sounds like you are surviving your week though. Good for you!! One more day!!

    Okay, spelling bees . . . In 5th grade my daughter when out on "onion" (her first word) She knew how to spell it, she just started wrong and you can't correct. But even though she went out on a dumb word, the next year she won!! So you never know what next year will bring.

    But I hope your daughter did well.

    Funny about the M&M's. Pretty smart about the skittles. That wouldn't work for me though. I like skittles more than M&M's.

  4. Wow, you have been busy! I am looking forward to tomorrow when we can "sleep in" for a couple of weeks. I just hope I can keep the kids entertained and not fighting. :)


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