Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cultivating Gratitude #3

I finally got my Christmas shopping started today and I am feeling so much better about things. I think my lack of Christmas spirit earlier was stress due to feeling behind the curve. I am not exactly caught up, but now I am feeling better. The best part was the shopping I was able to do over the Internet -- which is what I am thankful for today!

Here are the top ten reasons I am grateful for the Internet:

1. Shopping -- 3 gifts bought online today and sent directly to those I would have had to send via mail. And no driving or lines to wait in (yay!)
2. Email (how did we ever live without email?)
3. Facebook -- I love keeping touch with friends from the past.
4. News -- I admit that I love reading up on the news online--maybe because the kids always have control of the TV.
5. Selling -- occasionally I sell unneeded things. So easy to do.
6. Recipes -- always able to find a good recipe to try.
7. Movies -- instant watch on Netflix is fabulous.
8. Maps -- no need to get lost ever again.
9. YouTube -- I have used a number of clips for teaching purposes, I love watching the shorts made by the LDS Church, and (of course) just for fun.
10. Blogging!

Scripture of the Day: John 1:14


  1. I completely agree with your list! I have found lost friends through facebook, made new friends through blogging and I have done most of my shopping this year at Amazon! Hooray for that.

  2. I love the internet for all those things too!


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