Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coming to the End

Yesterday I gave my last class lecture of the semester. There is still another week of classes, but group presentations, exams, and other scheduled assignments have made it so that all my lecturing is complete for the semester. And I can feel a physical sense of relief from being released from that burden of preparation time. Whew!

Now, I do not mean to imply that I dislike lecturing. I actually rather enjoy teaching, especially when the students have good comments, ask good questions, and seem engaged in the discussion. [All things I need to work on developing.] However, teaching two different classes and having to do the prep work from scratch for each was very time consuming. I have felt much too busy for the past four months--as though I was thrown into the fire head first.

But I am coming out of it alive--and with only minimal burns that I will work on next semester.

And I am counting the blessing of being able to teach two sections of the same class next semester. Yay for having the prep work cut in half!

Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 7:14

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