Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Need a Little Christmas

Remember that song (I don't know what show it is from), but it says, "Yes, we need a little Christmas, right this very minute. Need a little laughter, happy ever after..."? I could use a little of that same Christmas umph over here.

Maybe I should get started on the Christmas shopping--that might get me more into it. About all I have bought thus far are two teacher gifts for the girls' school teachers and two {darling! thanks Mimi!} necklaces for my SIL and niece.

Or maybe I should finish decorating the tree. The kids started it over a week ago and I have not taken time to finish it (as if I had much time--although, I did read a whole book this past week, I confess).

Don't get me wrong. I have been thinking a lot about the reason for the season, about Christ's birth and the spiritual implications of His coming. I have been listening to lots of Christmas carols and have been enjoying the lights in the neighborhood.

My problem is just getting into the decorating and the present buying and the baking and all the other stuff that will make Christmas traditional and magical for my children (but makes it a lot of work for me).Somehow I wish there was a way to make Christmas look like all those magazine ads and television commercials without me as the mom have to spend oodles of time and money. Realistically I know it will never be that picturesque, but the mountain of effort before me has my brain putting up a wall that prevents me from doing much.

So all you moms out there, send me a little Christmas spirit. Preferably right this very minute. I need it.

Scripture of the Day: Luke 1:31


  1. I know how you feel! I'm so behind this year (pretty much every year!).

    One of my favorite bloggers, ( Christina from Full House posted a link to a fun Christmas song that totally put me in the mood yesterday, so I'm sharing it with you:

    :) Hope things brighten up soon!

  2. If I could send you some Christmas, I totally would. I find, though, that I'm running a little short on feelings of Christmas though.

    For me, I think it's because I'm worried that my son will be disappointed on Christmas morning. He wants something that we just can't afford, and it kills me that we can't get it for him.

    I have done most of the shopping and the house is decorated. I need to get the cards finished and sent and get some gifts wrapped. I think I'll throw on a good Christmas cd and get to work.


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