Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Miracles

I have noticed a lot of little miracles in my life lately and thought I would share a few for my post today.

* Yesterday for our anniversary I did not think we would be able to go out because the kids always have homework and studying to do. Miraculously none of them had necessary homework to do.

* Because I thought the kids would have homework I did not arrange for a babysitter so we could go out. After realizing homework was free and clear I was able to get my parents to watch the kids--which is a miracle because it is tax season and my mom is a CPA.

* I have kept my WW tracker incredibly faithfully for the past two weeks, which is so not like me (I have it all broken down mentally usually). What's more, I have enjoyed it. Maybe it is the new format I am using. Whatever the change is it is helping me on the scale.

* I had been needing to run a certain errand, but the location was out of my way. But last Friday my work asked my to deliver a package to a location right by where my errand was at. I happily agreed and accomplished both tasks. And while doing my own errand ran into a good friend and got to chat for a few minutes.

I am so grateful for little miracles that make life sweet. What miracles have you noticed in your life lately?

Scripture of the Day: D&C 18:13


  1. I try to be as good as possible and as accurate as possible for WW, but it can be so tricky to figure points out sometimes.

  2. I love hearing miracle stories. I need to do a better job noticing the miracles in my life. Mostly I just notice the complications. I also loved how you got to run your errand and ran into a friend. I love it when that happens.


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