Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Walking Poles

About two weeks ago I bought some of these:

Ever since, I have been out and about in my neighborhood walking like this (how I envy this woman's svelt figure!):
But really I am worried I look more like one of these people:

Please tell me I don't!

Scripture of the day: 1 kings 10:8


  1. I'm sure it's the first example! You are funny, so tell me what do they help with exactly? Can you walk faster? Is it just a boost to the workout? Were you just wishing you were a cross-country Olympian skiier :)?

  2. Thanks Nancy! The package for the poles says they are supposed to help increase your calorie output by 45% during the workout. It definitely gets my arm muscles more involved--my triceps get a workout when I push against the pavement with the poles.

    I will have to envision myself as an Olympian skier, though. That might inspire me during my workouts.

  3. That was my best laugh of the day! When we were in Finland last summer we saw a lot of people walking all over Helsinki with the poles. And most looked like the second picture. I am sure you look like the first, however. Have fun with that!

  4. I have seen you lately. You look great! That post made me laugh. I didn't know that about the poles. I will have to check into that.

  5. I have never seen those before. Have you found they're working?

  6. Charlotte, thanks for your comment. I think they do work. I can't tell if it is 45% more efficient than walking, but my arm muscles are definitely more involved. Walking with them is a little more awkward, but it it helps increase the calorie output then I feel it is worth it. Rebecca

  7. I might need some of these!

  8. “But really I am worried I look more like one of these people” – I don’t think so! Anyway, I just bought mine last Christmas because my mom always nagged me about my poor posture as I always slouch. And I must say, it works well for me. It's been years, I hope your still using it. =)



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