Friday, March 26, 2010

What I have been up to...

- At work over the past few days I wrote a report about new foods now available through WIC. Apparently, now you can only get 1%, 2%, or skim milk. And they are providing more fruits and veggies. They are trying to offer healthier food options.

- Yesterday we drove over to see my nephew who recently returned from his mission in Madagascar. He had been home less than 36 hours and was still in that everything-seems-weird mode. But he also had that wonderful return missionary glow!

- Tonight I made an Italian sausage pasta dinner.Iit turned out yummy, although the bread sticks needed more garlic salt.

- Today we received our federal tax refund! Our bank account looks much happier now. Thanks to my mom who did our taxes for us. Tomorrow I will be taking her to get a pedicure to say "thank you" in a more tangible manner.

- And last but not least, I need three more friends on Facebook to hit 300. Anyone want to be my friend??

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Scripture of the Day: Romans 5:11

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  1. Congratulations on your tax refund. How fun for you and your mom to get pedicures. And about your nephew . . . I think it took me almost two months to get over not having a companion, and then I met my husband.


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