Monday, March 22, 2010

Peanut M&Ms

I bought some peanut M&Ms for my husband's birthday open house last week. I knew it was a risky move on my part. I am very familiar with this personal weakness. I like peanut M&Ms a lot--they are so tempting to me. "But on the other hand," I rationalized, "I need something to round out the buffet a bit." And with that I pledged to myself I would be good that night.

Well, I was good that night. My honor remained intact. The candy was a hit and I only ate 2 peanut M&Ms that evening despite refilling the bowls several times.

And Thursday I was good, too. I don't think I ate any that day. I had forgotten they were there.

But Friday they caught my eye. And Friday night, for some reason, has the symbolic meaning of relaxing and enjoying one's self. So I ate a handful of M&Ms. And another. And another.

I reigned myself in on Saturday after going to my WW meeting. Guilt feelings are good that way. The bag of M&Ms was stowed away inside the bread machine where they were out of sight. (But not quite out of mind.)

Sunday at church was a bit rough and I came home feeling sorry for myself and frustrated. Again, another reason to get a handful of M&Ms. Or two. Or four. Is there ever much of a reason not to eat peanut M&Ms? I think not.

Finally I told my husband to hide them or take them to work so I could be rid of them. And he was more than willing to help in that regard. Within a few minutes the bag was gone and I was relieved I would not have to worry about cheating with them again.

Until I saw them this morning on the top laundry room shelf. Taunting me.

Please, someone stop by and remove them from the premises. I am too weak...

Scripture of the Day: Alma 38:2


  1. my hope is that in the afterlife we can enjoy all the peanut m&m's we want with no negative consequences, I think heaven will be like that:)

  2. I'm there for you!
    But I don't think I live close enough to help physically. I'll send 'helping' vibes your way.

  3. That is the worst! That is why when I am on a diet, no one gets chocolate.

  4. haha! That's how I always feel! Jane always has some sort of treat on the counter for Roger. It kills me!

  5. Too funny!! I don't like peanut M&M's but my husband loves them so that works for me. BUT . . I have a bag of jelly beans though that keep calling my name. I was just trying to muster up the strength to throw them away. Now I will go and do it--after I taste a few more.:-)

  6. Hey, nuts are good for you right? It could be worse! But I know how you feel. . . my nemesis is cookies and cookie dough. Boy, do these tasty little concoctions know how to take over our lives or what!?

  7. I know how you feel! I received a large (2 lb) bag for Christmas from my secret Santa at work on December 15. I put the lovely candies with their pretty colors in a glass jar on my counter. I allowed myself 10 a day. My husband had no such restriction, of course. They actually lasted til after New Years and I was perfectly satisfied to not replace them. Cookie dough, on the other hand, cannot be eaten at all lest I go on a days long bender!

  8. I buy OREOS for my kids because they do not tempt me at all. Neigther would peanut m&ms. Peanut butter m&ms or plain m&ms though...a whole other story!


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