Monday, March 1, 2010

New Month, New Theme

I can hardly believe it is the third month of the year. Time is flying in 2010!

For my family scripture study theme I was trying to find a new idea for March. Not that I don't like my previous March themes (you can see one here), but something new is always nice. I was thinking I could put the scriptures on the backs of four-leaf clovers, but what would the scriptures be about? Then I read this and knew:


15c. from M.Du. luc, shortening of gheluc "happiness, good fortune," of unknown origin. Related to M.H.G. g(e)lücke, Ger. Glück "fortune, good luck." Perhaps first borrowed in English as a gambling term. To luck out "to succeed through luck" makes a verb of it, American English colloquial, first attested in 1954.

(source: "luck." Online Etymology Dictionary. Douglas Harper, Historian. 01 Mar. 2010.>.)

So, this month's theme is happiness and good fortune. Many scriptures give advice on how to find happiness in this life. Enjoy!

PS: Please do not forget to participate in the LDS Book Reader Survey. Ask your friends and family members to participate as well. We need 400 respondents to get a reliable sample size (so far we have about 85).

Scripture of the Day: Alma 41:10


  1. I love how much time and energy you put into your family scripture study, it is most inspiring! Thanks for sharing Rebecca.

  2. What a positive and uplifting theme! I love it.


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