Thursday, July 29, 2010

Book Review: Chocolate Roses

A few months ago a I read a review of Joan Soward's book Chocolate Roses. When I learned it was a parody of Jane Eyre, but with an LDS theme, I decided I had to give it a try. Well, I finally ordered it and it arrived early this week. And I am so delighted to tell you that it was definitely not a disappointment! It was a sweet romance, clean in every way, and even centered on the temple (the Mesa one at that!).

Sowards does an excellent job of using the bare bones structure of Jane Eyre (a single woman falls in love with a wealthy, melancholy man with a daughter--and a wife who is mentally ill). My most favorite elements of the tone and plot of Jane Eyre are used; and yet, Sowards definitely does not plaigerize. A solid majority of her characters are all her own (and well developed, I might add), and much of the plot is original.

Description from the back of the book:

"Janie Rose Whitaker's world revolved around her chocolate shop until Roger Wentworth and his young daughter moved into the apartment across from Janie's. Anyone would think Roger fit the mold of the "perfect" guy, but soon Janie discovers secrets that could keep them apart forever. Though she resists getting involved in Roger's complicated life, they are drawn further into a bittersweet relationship."

This will definitely be a book a I hold onto and reread every so often. A nice addition to my chick-lit collection.

Scripture of the Day: Alma 38:5

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