Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sweetie Peach

At dinner this evening...

Sweetie Peach: "[Kitty] loves to drink honey dew."

Me: "What?"

Sweetie Peach: "You know, that soda Kitty got at Arby's."

Me: "Do you mean Mountain Dew?"

Sweetie Peach: "Yeah! You should buy soda more often, Mom. I need to learn the names better."

Scripture of the Day: Alma 1:25


  1. highest amount of caffine is found in that soda....

  2. so cute, my kids are always trying to drink Mountain Dew at my in-laws house (I don't buy it either) I personally don't like it at all, maybe it's a kids thing.

  3. That is funny. Very logical thinking.:-)


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