Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finding Your Vision

Wise mothers have some vision of what they want their families to become. Teach your children about your vision for the family. When we were apartment dwellers, we would occasionally take Sunday drives through lovely neighborhoods with fine, large homes. I remember wondering, 'If we could see the spiritual stature of that home out on the front lawn, would it tower over the house or barely fill one little corner of the lot?' And then, the time came when, with five growing children, we took on the project of building a new home. As the work progressed the home began to look larger than we had imagined and had the potential of seeming too wonderful. I worried about where we were placing our values as more and more time and resources were being consumed by this project. Finally, one day we gathered our growing flock around us and said, "It would be sad if people drove by our house and said, 'Oh, look at that beautiful home.' What I would hope is that people would drive by and say, 'Oh, the nicest family of outstanding children live in that home.' This home is where I want our children to come for love and security--a house wherein they learn the lessons of life and practice living the gospel."
(Margaret D. Nadauld, A Mother's Influence, p. 14-15)

Scripture of the Day: Psalms 19:9


  1. Good thought. It makes me wonder what people think when they drive by our house. :-)

  2. such a wonderful thought. It has me doing some pondering.


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