Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Primary Program

Well, it finally happened! Of course it went well (although not without a hitch) and the spirit was in abundance. The children did a super job saying their parts and the music was uplifting. At one point we had the senior Primary boys sing Master, the Tempest is Raging, which was a highlight of the program. I also loved a solo performed by one of our sweet 9 year old girls.

Best laugh: one Sunbeam was supposed to say "I know Heavenly Father and Jesus love me." Unfortunatly, it came out sounding like, "I know Harry Potter and Jesus love me." Talk about a shock!

Minor hitch: Another Sunbeam got to crying during the program and had to go down to sit with her mom. She came back up later in the program.

Worst hitch: The CTR 7 class was supposed to say the 4th Article of Faith together, followed by two of them saying their individual parts. I rushed things accidentally and had one of the individual parts go first. My counselor had to walk over to remind me to have them say the 4th article of faith. I was embarrassed for the flub, but don't think anyone will remember it for too long.

Scripture of the Day: Psalms 140: 13


  1. We always remember our screw ups more than anyone else. It sounds like it went well!

  2. Oh how funny. The Harry Potter one.

    I had my Primary program a week ago, and I'm so glad to have it done. I've promised myself I will never again do it so late in the year. 2011=August/September!

  3. I am guessing everyone will remember the Harry Potter comment much longer than the mess up on the Article of Faith. :-)

    Congratulations on your program going so well.

  4. LOL...the Harry Potter comment was to cute. Glad it went well.


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