Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I've Learned in 40 Years

Yesterday I turned 40 and started thinking about how old that makes me. Is 40 years old wise? 'Cause really, that's the only thing going for getting older -- the wisdom, I mean. So I made a list in my journal of things I have learned that work for me and my life. I am graciously sharing them with all you kids out there:-).

  1. It's better to bite your toungue most of the time.
  2. Be patient with people.
  3. Get the important stuff done early in the day.
  4. Don't bother watching soap operas.
  5. Sometimes a day of laziness is required.
  6. Reading is the best way to avoid reality.
  7. Take time in youth to get all the education you can.
  8. Take time in youth to travel as much as you can.
  9. Learn to love vegetables.
  10. Live within your means.
  11. Avoid the mall and magazines to help you live within your means.
  12. Telling people exactly what you want works well usually.
  13. The reason you have to learn all that stuff in high school is so you can help your kids with their homework 20 years later.
  14. Think of others rather than yourself.
  15. Whistle while you work--or at least play the radio.
  16. Buy wrinkle-free clothes whenever possible.
  17. "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got the bling!"
  18. "You need me!"
  19. Exercise both makes you feel better and look better.
  20. A lot can be accomplished in 10 minute snippets of time.
  21. Be the first to say you're sorry.
  22. Apologize even when offense wasn't intended.
  23. Automatic savings plans work.
  24. Follow the prophet.
  25. Learn as much as you can about the lives of your ancestors.
  26. Be willing to give second and third chances.
  27. "Be prepared."
  28. Being on time is much better than being late.
  29. Do as much Christmas shopping online as you can.
  30. Take lots of pictures.
  31. Sometimes going to bed angry is the best thing to do.
  32. Hard work solves many of life's problems.
  33. Many hands do make light work.
  34. Think to pray.
  35. Plan fun things to do on a regular basis.
  36. Take care of little annoying things before they drive you crazy.
  37. "Make it work."
  38. When feeling down, find something to laugh about.
  39. Modern medicine is a blessing.
  40. There is always more to learn.
Scripture of the Day: Luke 6:32-34


  1. Rebecca, how wonderful! I'm heading into my 40s as well. The things you've mentioned are words of wisdom! I appreciate your time and ability to think of those things. I should start my own list in my journal.

    I LOVE number 13.oh, ain't that the truth!!! ;)

    What worries me about getting older is what happens to the body. Perpetual pain. I guess a lot of it depends on how well I take care of myself well, but there's only so much I can do and there ain't not fountain of youth out there.

    So, I'm thinking that the things you listed will help keep our minds vibrant and it reflects on our outer appearance.


    Thanks for posting this, I really need it. <3

    ~Elizabeth :)

  2. I hope that I can claim to be one of the "kids" you are talking to--I haven't learned most of these things yet. You are (as usual) a great inspiration.

  3. I love your list of things you have learned,Happy Be-lated Birthday.

  4. Rebecca I didn't know you were turning 40, you seriously don't look a day over 30! Anyway I love your list, you remind me a lot of my Mom actually, and my Mom is one awesome lady. Anyway I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  5. I hope you had a fabulous birthday! Great list of things learned.

  6. Happy Birthday!! I am sorry I didn't see this sooner. I haven't been very good about being on the computer lately. I hope your day was wonderful!! I love the things you have learned. Just think what you will have to add to the list in another 40 years. I think it would be interesting for you to keep that list and see how it might change. :-)

    Oh, and about being 40--I tell everyone that I don't think anyone is even credible until they are at least 40. So welcome to credibility!!


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