Monday, October 19, 2009

Learn Something New Every Day

Yesterday I had to write a talk for Sweetie Peach to give in Primary. Kitty was supposed to give it, but due to her bad cough cough Sweetie Peach was good enough to step in for her. The topic was on The Family Proclamation and how it teaches us the importance of marriage.

Now for years I have head the word "ordained" used in church. Men are "ordained" to the priesthood. I got that. But when reading the phrase, "The family is ordained of God," I was curious to know how the word "ordained" worked. It did not quite fit into my familiarity with the the word (or its definition).

So, I looked it up on and found this definition: " to enact or establish by law, edict." There was also this definition: " to decree; give orders for."

I was surprised. This definition was a lot stronger than I would have guessed. Not that I did not already know that to be married/have families are a commandment, but my understanding was improved after having done this little dictionary exercise.

Not sure you understand a word in the scriptures? Take time to look it up and learn something new.

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Scripture of the Day: D&C 82:3


  1. Very interesting. We use so many words in the church that may have a different definition than we realize.

  2. We love project runway! I have been known to read the dictionary when there is nothing else intresting to read.


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