Friday, October 9, 2009

Police Beat #52

Yay! So Glad it's Friday!

September 19: People were reported to be on the Y with flashlights at the Y mountain trailhead. Police showed up and the people left the area.

(Comment: Being on the Y mountain trailhead with flashlights is against the law? Next time, hikers, leave your flashlights at home and you will be legal.)

September 21: A report was made about a suspicious individual walking around with an electronic device at Valley View Park. It turned out to be the housing security officer.

(Comment: Electronic devices make ma suspicious, too, especially cell phones, electric toothbrushes, and key fobs.)

September 21: A call from Helaman Halls was made reporting suspicious conduct. A female reported her picture has been taken twice. She said someone knocked on her window and took her picture. It turned out to be two males, one in a red coat and one in a yellow shirt. The police were unable to locate the two men.

(Comment: She should be flattered--her photo was chosen for February 2010 in the BYU Co-ed calendar.)

September 21: There was a report from the WSC of a woman who left her backpack unattended for a short period of time. Someone took a can of women’s body spray and $30 cash.

(Comment: Chanel No. 5 will get them every time. Just follow the scent and nab your man--or maybe woman.)

September 20: Officers responded to a burglary call in Helaman Halls. They met with the complainant who said she was watching TV when someone reached into the bathroom, grabbed a toiletry kit and threw it at her. The police have interviewed some people but have no suspects. The case is currently under investigation.

(Comment: My best guess is that it is the roommate that likes her the least. They probably fought over her taking too long in the bathroom.)

Scripture of the Day: D&C 25:12


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