Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Favorites

Project Runway, which I watch online

Folk art landscapes

CZ rings -- a new one every few years!

Tiffany perfume [which I believe is no longer made :-(]

Emilie Loring books -- mysteries with a touch of romance

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers

Hot chocolate--Year round!

What are some things that are your favorites?

Scripture of the Day: D&C 82:10


  1. I do love PR. But the judging this season seems to be a bit hinky.

  2. You can get Tiffany online still. I have a couple of favorites I can only get online.. but I am so happy My husband will go to the trouble to get them for me.!

  3. Emilie Loring rocks. Hot chocolate all year long? In Arizona? Really? Ooh, and a new CZ ring every few years? Love that idea! I haven't seemed to able to get into the Project Runway thing for some reason. I watch other shows with similar premises. Not sure what is holding me back. (Is it Tim Gunn? nah, I don't think so.) I do so love the dancing shows, though, esp SYTYCD. I love books and roses and dishes (not doing them or even eating off of them--hanging them on the wall and admiring them) and architectural elements and decorating my house and chocolate in all forms (except for when coconut is involved). And I love good friends like you!

  4. So I have only read a couple Emilie Loring books and didn't really love them. One was about "tropical" Laredo Texas, and that was too much for me. BUT, my husband and his older brother are both Emilie Loring fans. They have read every book several times. My husband said it is those very books that make him the great romantic he is today. So for that reason, I appreciate them, even if I don't like reading them. :-)


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