Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Are you lonesome tonight?

This morning I heard a news story about a BYU study that showed sisters are less likely to suffer from depression because of their ability to talk out life's problems with each other. I have thought off and on about this and have been having a bit of a hard time not feeling jealous of women who have sisters.

I have no sisters. And though I have always wanted one, I have never been thus blessed.

I thought when I was younger and unmarried that maybe someday I would have sisters-in-law who might be able to fill those empty shoes. But alas, that was not to be. I have four sisters-in-law, three of which live out of state. And the remaining one is not at all social. I have seen none of these four SILs more than twice yet this year.

So, tonight I sit here a bit lonely and (yet again) wishing I had a sister.

If you are so lucky as to be blessed with a sister, say a prayer of thanks for her tonight.
Scripture of the Day: 1 Nephi 13:26


  1. Oh wow. That made me cry. I am sorry you don't have a sister. My son feels the same way about not having a brother. He has always felt bad about that, and it isn't likely my daughters will marry someone he relates really well to. My four daughters are all close which makes it even harder on him.

    I have four sisters, but I am not that close to any of them as they all live out of state. I have come to cherish girl friends, but it really isn't the same.

    And about being lonesome tonight . . . my husband is at meetings and both my daughters ditched me for their friends. They put on a movie for us to all watch together and then left me to watch it alone. So I am reading blogs instead. :-)

  2. I have a sister, 6+ years older than I. We are not close; she resented my appearance and has never really gotten over it. She does call me when things are particularly bad (she's sick[endometrial cancer], one of her children is sick[heart transplant], our mother is sick [suspicious spot on pancreas])but we really don't talk that much. I think you can be just as close to a girlfriend if you put in the effort. In fact, I think the most successful sister relationships are the result of effort, just like friendships.

  3. This post makes me want to try harder with my sister, who lives a state away.

  4. I always feel this way for my daughter (and my son). A lot of why I would like to have more children is so that they can enjoy having siblings, and more than that, I'd like Hallie to have a sister, and Dallas to have a brother. I'm just grateful that they have such wonderful cousins. I never had cousins and was always jealous of people who did so I love seeing them with their cousins. I think the gospel is so wonderful because it allows all of us to have sisters in the gospel. And I think a really good friend can also help fill a sister void.


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